February 21, 2009

Everything that's wrong with America, in one photo.


How about that sweet ride? Who say's America can't build quality, fuel efficient electric vehicles. You know, the ones that will power us into the 21st century while simultaneously putting Americans back to work in the new green economy.

OK. Besides the obvious, let me point out the more subtle, as follows;
1.) Cow
2.) Marlboros
3.) Pepsi
4.) Liquor
5.) Coffee?
Nothing wrong with coffee, but do we really need that much lighted signage?

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October 24, 2006

Memories of Summertime, in Lackawanna


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July 01, 2006

God saves Como Mall for second time

Ok, so I'm pulling into the parking lot at work and I hear "things" hitting the car. I look up and right in front of me is a tornado ripping up the parking lot.

God has now saved the Como Mall for a second time.

See a very low res unimpressive video!

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November 24, 2005

Only in Buffalo...

Will you see a Man, driving his Lebaron Convertible, top down at 60mph on the 33 expressway. 24 degrees on this gorgeous November day.


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