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February 07, 2010

Sunday night wind down.

Sunday evening spent watching America's funniest home videos. The children delight in the graphic display of mishaps, cervical spine fractures and nut-sack traumas. God bless you, Walt Disney.



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February 01, 2010

Your best evidence for never hitting your child.

Not all victims become torturers, but all torturers were victims.

Take a look at this "blast from the past". Here we
see vintage footage of Adolf Hitler and his beloved dog, Blondie.

Take a look at this cowering fearful animal. Note, the tail, ears and head positions. Pretty remarkable, in an animal bred over centuries for it's innate ability to aggressively protect his Apha master. But now reduced to a quivering mass of cowering fear. I'm operating on the assumption that Hitler's treatment of Blondie was not that different of his with Ava, or the Jews.

And for the record, I'm not saying that spanking your children makes you Hitler, however doing so may instill some of those great uber qualities in them. Hitler, Stalin, Hussein all shared the commonality of severe childhood physical abuse.

The evidence is quite clear that if you hit your kid, you may teach him to be a coward and a victim. You may teach him (falsely), that he can love and trust those that cause him pain, suffering, humiliation and misery. Or you could get really lucky and teach him to inflict all of that upon others. (Won't that look great on your facebook page?)

By hitting your children, you've effectively removed from your child, the impulse of survival and self defense, and replaced it with one suitable for victimization. Ready, willing and able in a world filled with the most vile of predatorial, physical and sexual abusers. Ever heard of "Stockholm Syndrome"? It happens when a victim emotionally bonds with an abuser. I wonder how they (hostages)learned to do that?

My main point is that any degree of corporal punishment needs to be seriously considered in relation to how your child's brain develops. All data points to all bad.

Here's a great link about spanking. If you've happened upon this page, I hope you'll read it and give it careful consideration.

You can read it here.

Dogs are not children, indeed. But frontal lobes are frontal lobes and develop in remarkably similar ways among the warm blooded.

You're kids aren't much different.
Here's some effective alternatives.

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