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October 24, 2006

Memories of Summertime, in Lackawanna


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October 15, 2006

Friday the 13th

backyardscreenshot copy.jpg

This is a Quicktime VR pan of my entire backyard following a severe snowstorm. It may take some time to load depending on the speed of your connection.

Below is a panoramic shot in a smaller version.





Rear porch overhang: Collapsed
Pool: Destroyed by fallen tree
Back Fence: Badly damaged by falled tree
Kids Swing Set: destroyed by fallen tree
Entire contents of basement: Badly damaged or destroyed from failed sump pump. Including furnace, washer dryer.

DirecTV 1, Time Warner 0
Satellite TV service remained active throughout all other outages.

Generatorboy.JPG Props out to Michael Meyer for making the trip to Costco (Ontario, Canada) and purchasing me a kick ass generator.

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October 11, 2006

Dancing Jenny

jenny copy.jpg

See the Video!

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